Triveni is a like a microcosmic India – and long lived system, blended in with new elements, now being thrust through a culture of change. A few core values have been vital for our longevity and will guide us through the future:

  1. Hard Work leading to Personal & Organizational Learning: Organizations are built by ideas & hard work around them. We want team members to grow – in their growth lies the Organizational growth, and there’s no growth without hours of grueling painstaking work.
  2. Integrity: Good teams trust each others. Its ok to make mistakes – as long we admit, share or discuss, and thus attempt to fix them.
  3. Accountability: Triveni is growing – and no growth can happen without delegation. With delegation comes responsibility & accountability – to own for tasks not being delivered as planned.
  4. Systems orientation & Objective fact based Decision making: We are continuously reviewing & correcting processes to replace ad-hoc interventions, and subjectivity in decision making.
  5. Openness & Solvability.
  6. Creativity & Innovation. We are in a sector where there are new problems & issues, that require innovative solutions to the problems.
  7. Frugality: Being organically built from scratch, we have learnt to be frugal, prudent in avoiding wastage, and quite frankly – even bear with some inconveniences. We’re sure – soon, we’ll be glad we did so!

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