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Permanent Washable Filters


21 1/2 x 23 1/2 x 2 Permanent Washable Air Filter On Whole Sale Price

The washable type industrial grade filter is built to withstand frequent and moderate cleanings. An aluminum frame Eco-Aire filter is the lightest weight filter in the industrial grade class. It is designed for use in commercial and industrial applications to filter air, grease and coolant mists, and it can be used either dry or coated with filter adhesive.

This washable filter uses a .030″ thick 3003 H-14 aluminum frame to enclose the filter media pack. The corners are mitered and the frame is secured with pop rivet(s).The media consists of multiple layers of corrugated aluminum screen wire, assembled in a criss-cross fashion for strength, placed between two expanded galvanized steel grids. The media is made to fit firmly inside the frame giving the washable industrial grade filter its exceptional strength and durability.


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