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New House ? Need to move and sell your old house ?

Does your house needs to be Painted ?

Snow Leopard Painters

Proudly Painting houses and businesses in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Interior Painting – Calgary

Interior painting is a delicate job where attention to detail is key. Snow Leopard Painters are best-rated house painters in Calgary that take care of each project from prep to paint.

We prep all interior paint projects by patching holes, sanding, and priming. Likewise, drop cloths are always used and furniture is covered so paint only goes where it is supposed to. We make sure that our painters use painter’s tape so that all cut lines are always straight.

Our professional Calgary painters are trained in every kind of interior surfaces, such as wall painting, trim and door painting, ceiling painting, crown molding painting and railing painting. Furthermore, we use every method of painting application – brushing, rolling, airless and air assisted paintings.

Exterior Painting – Calgary

When it comes to exterior painting services, southern Alberta’s lovely weather plays a big role. Calgary exterior paintings can only be done when the weather is warm, specifically at a minimum temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we start our Calgary exterior paintings around May and we keep painting until the temperature drops below 2 degrees, usually around October.

We encourage our clients to book their exterior paintings early so that your project get a spot in our short and compact painting season.

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