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Did You Forget Your Money?

My team and I have been doing research on the Internet for some time and wanted to find out if there was anything that would benefit the people world-wide.

While researching the UBB (Unclaimed Bank Balances) on the Bank of Canada (public site), we found out that so many people who had opened accounts with the Banks in Canada, did not have any transactions on their accounts for more than 10 years. Therefore these accounts got transferred to the Main Bank (Bank of Canada).

Your name may be listed on the data base, if you had opened the account with the Banks in Canada and you forgot to withdraw your money, if so then you can withdraw your funds as follows, type your LAST name and first name and follow the instructions.


World Wide

Unclaimed Money and Properties



Rs 1,360 crore lying unclaimed in Indian banks
Chetan Chauhan and Mahua Ventakesh, Hindustan Times

New Delhi, March 08, 2011



Soneri Bank – Pakistan

Federal Bureau of the Fiscal Service – Unclaimed Assets

Each individual federal agency maintains its own records, click here for more information.
US Savings Bonds

Public Debt’s e-mail address for savings bond inquiries: SavBonds@bpd.treas.gov
Internal Revenue Service

Contact the IRS directly for information on Unclaimed tax refunds: 
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Refunds on retirement accounts: www.pbgc.gov/search-all
Housing and Urban Development

Refunds for mortgage insurance obtained by government loan:
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

This site contains unclaimed funds for insured deposits or for dividend checks issued which were undeliverable or never cashed: 
Canadian Bank Accounts

Search for unclaimed accounts in Canada:
Search for unclaimed accounts in British Columbia: unclaimedpropertybc.ca
Department of Veterans Affairs

Swiss Bank Accounts

For dormant accounts visit: www.dormantaccounts.ch
Australia Unclaimed Property Website

Search for unclaimed accounts in Australia:  ASIC find unclaimed money
Kenya Unclaimed Property Website

Search for unclaimed accounts in Kenya:
  • P/N: My Team and myself do not work for any of the Banks or Financial Institutions mentioned on the website.
  • We Love to Share Benefits to our Family / Friends / Clients and General Public.

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