Money Problems Resources

Better Quality of Life

Poverty Alleviation

1. Live a Balanced life (Spiritual and Material Lives)                      

2. Try to attain your church regularly.

3. Pay your tithe and religious dues to your church every month.

4. Give something to charity if you can.

5. Maintain Good Health

6. Forget and forgive to those who have harmed you or hurt you.

7. Help people who come to you for advice or any kind of help.

8. Pray for other people first then pray for yourself.

9. Participate in organization where you can do some Volunteer work.

10. Learn the language of Science (English Language).

11. Acquire good education and knowledge.

12. Acquire Good Job and owning a side business is good to start for Success.

13. Learn more about Allah’s (God’s) Creation.

14. Use your Education and Knowledge for Betterment of Humanity.

15. Surround yourself with positive people.

16. Serve your Parents and make them happy and smile.

17. Always Smile and make people Happy because Life on Earth is very short.

18. Experience Success coming towards you.


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