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Believing in yourself

How big can your life be?

What I’m asking is: How big is the space you live your life in? What restricts you from growing as big as possible? Is there any chance you’ve already outgrown your old life? Just how big is your life, and how big can it be?

As you’re pondering those questions, think about this in another way: Just how bright can your inner light shine? That inner light of yours was given to you to brighten up the world. It can do neither you nor others any good if you quench or conceal it, for any reason.

Take Note: Are you allowing your inner light to shine as bright as it can? Are you giving those around you the chance to be positively affected by your light?

A big life allows you to grow big; and likewise, a big life allows you to shine a big, bright light.

Question: Are you living a big life with a bright light?

Some people seem to be happy with their lives because they don’t want to change or grow. They feel comfortable with their predictable and familiar lives. They like the status quo. Has that been you?

There are others, however, perhaps people like yourself, who’re always growing larger, stronger, deeper and more secure, and whose lives reach out in all directions. These are the people who always demand more. These are also the people who seem to shine the brightest light. In fact, their light is so bright that it actually illuminates the path for others.

So…Which one are you? Are you happy with your chosen path? Would you like a life and a brighter light force? If so, then I encourage you to hang out with some big, bright-light people. We all tend to be influenced by our environments, so if you want more from your life, find those who have found more of life and ask them how they’ve done it. After all, big lives and bright lights cannot hide; and because of this, these people usually enjoy sharing their bigness and their brightness. Most people are happy to share their steps to success. Follow their model as success always leaves traces for you to follow.

Success breeds success!

Seek out the people and groups of people who match and support your energy. Use the Law of Attraction to connect with those who’ll support you in getting what you truly want. People of like-energy and like-mindedness will generate more of the positive energy you want in your life.

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