Journey of Our Souls


The Silenced Heart

“The problem is our mind is so busy we can’t hear the wisdom of our Heart…”
Dr. Paul Pearsall

It’s no longer a secret…

What I am about to share with you may surprise you? Why?Because many of us have not been told or taught
about how wise and powerful your Heart really is. We have learned to over-rely on our brain, our mind. Let me introduce you to a place within you that is far wiser and more powerful than your mind. That
place is located in the very center of your Being and is your Heart.

Thanks to some amazing research that has been done over the last 10-15 years, we know a lot more about the Heart and its Intelligence than ever before.

According to the research of Dr. Paul Pearsall, the human Heart is 5,000 times more electromagnetically powerful than the brain. And this electromagnetic field can be detected up to 10 feet away from your pulsing heartbeat.

By the twenty-fifth day of gestation, long before a woman may even know she is pregnant, the embryonic Heart
has begun to beat. The embryonic Heart is the first to register life.

The first beats of the embryonic Heart occur well before the brain registers any brain wave activity.

To live up in your head, ignoring the Heart leads to stress, dis-ease in the body and an inner emptiness that never gets fulfilled.

People spend a lifetime searching and seeking to fill the emptiness inside… yet they don’t understand that its fulfillment has been there all along.

You can tap into your Heart’s Intelligence, your Heart’s Wisdom, and your Heart’s peaceful nature whenever
you wish. And by doing so, it is a magnificent journey that you will never turn back on.

Once you begin to live from your Heart (and let go of the hectic world your mind has created) you will experience life is a way that brings tears to your eyes and a joy to your Heart that lasts a lifetime.

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