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Where Diamonds Come FromBy: Lee Dobbins

It’s hard to believe that that beautiful, brilliant stone in your ring was once sitting in the earth, isn’t it? But it was and there’s quite a few diamonds still there in fact about 120 million carats of diamonds are mined each year. There are currently two methods of mining diamonds: Alluvial Mining and Pipe Mining.

The Alluvial mining method is done on beaches and in riverbeds. When using this method, the water and sand on the bank are held back with man-made walls, or a bulldozer is used to move the beach until the level of earth containing diamonds is reached. The diamonds are not sorted right there, instead the sand that has the diamonds in it is loaded into trucks and taken to screening plants.

With pipe mining, the diamonds are extracted from the earth through volcanic pipes. These pipes are natural – not man made. Shanks are put in the ground next to these pipes, and then tunnels are driven into the deepest parts of the pipe. Using this method, gigantic rocks that are full of diamonds are taken out of the mine and then moved to screening plants for sorting.

There are many diamond mines in operation around the world. Some of the major ones include: 

The world’s largest diamond mine is Orapa which is located 240 Km west of Francistown. This mine is owned by a partnership between the government of Botswana and DeBeers named “Debswana”. The mine operates 7 days a week and is the oldest one owned by Debswana. It offers schools for its employee’s children as well as a hospital and game park. Orapa began production in 1971.

The Argye mine I slocated in the Kimberley region in Western Australia. Owned by Rio Tinto, this mine has the distinction of being the world’s largest single producer of volume of diamonds. Unfortunately there is a low proportion of gem quality diamonds so it is not the value leader. It does, however, produce 90-95% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds. 

Diavik is another mine owned by Rio Tinto and located in Canada. It is on an island north of Yellowknife and south of the Arctic Circle. The island, connected by an ice road is an important part of the region’s economy and employs more than 700 people. This mine produces more than 8 million carats annually.

Ekati diamond mine is located south of the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories of Canada and owned by BHP Billiton. The Ekati is Canada’s first operational diamond mine and the diamonds are sold under the Aurias trade name.

The Baken diamond mine is located in South Africa along the lower Orange River. It is owned and operated by Trans Hex. The average size stone for 2004 was 1.29 carats. In 2004, this mine produced a 78.9 carat D color flawless diamond that sold for more than 1.8 million dollars (US), as well as a 27.67 pink diamond that was sold for over 1 million US dollars.

The largest diamond ever was produced by the Premier mine in Cullinan, South Africa in 1905. Named The Cullinan Diamond it weighed a whopping 3,106.75 carats. This same mine also produced the Golden Jubilee diamond which weighed in at 545.67 carats. In 2003, this mine, owned by De Beers was renamed The Cullinan Diamond Mine.

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Lee Dobbins is a jewelry designer and owner of Artisan Jewelry Online where you can find out more about handmade jewelry, diamonds and other gem stones.

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India diamond merchant boss distributes cars as gift

 The company gave away the gifts at a special function

 A diamond merchant in India’s Gujarat state has given his employees cars, jewellery and homes worth $8m (£5m) as a reward for meeting targets.

Savji Dholakia, who runs a diamond export company in Surat, gave away 491 cars, 525 pieces of diamond jewellery and 200 apartments to mark Diwali.

More than 1,200 of his 7,500 employees worldwide benefited from his largesse.

Surat is the hub of India’s thriving diamond trade where rough diamonds are polished and exported.

Mr Dholakia has been rewarding his employees lavishly since 2012, when he gave away cars to three employees. Last year, he gifted cars to 72 employees.

His company, Hrishikesh Exporters, is one of the most prominent diamond exporters in Surat and has offices in the US, Belgium and China.

Source: Ankur Jain
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Diamond Replica Jewelry – Affordable Jewelry

By: Ken

A diamond is considered to be women’s best friend. But having this best friend is not an easy affair. One needs to shell out a huge amount for it. In that case, diamond replica jewelry comes as an easy way out. It is exactly the same as real diamond jewelry, but the only difference is that it is a replica. Diamond replicas have also become a rage these days. The beautiful diamond jewelry worn by famous personalities becomes a fashion statement and comes in the market as diamond replica jewelry.

Besides diamond replica jewelry, you can also go for some real diamond jewelry. You can get some of the unique designs in real diamond jewelry. There are some of the best designs in diamond rings. A diamond engagement ring is the best you can give to your fiancé. Diamond rings and bands are also ideal as a gift. Fine diamond jewelry must be the main priority when buying diamond jewelry. A diamond is also said to be forever, so even if you buy it generally it will be a treasured possession.

Diamond is one of the Indian astrological stones. Many a times, a diamond is prescribed for astrological reasons. Amongst all the gemstones, diamond is considered to be the most expensive. If you want to wear a diamond for astrological reasons a diamond ring appears to be the best option. A diamond is said to add its sparkling rays in a positive manner to your life.

Diamond bracelets and diamond bangles are also very beautiful and add a beauty to your wrist. Diamond necklace jewelry and diamond necklace sets spread sparkling rays all over you. So you can also get the diamond rays sparkle over you and on others by having diamond jewelry. Then you can make others jealous of your style by wearing a diamond necklace set or diamond bangles or even a diamond bracelet. Diamond is the in-thing lady. So get it and flaunt it. But why should men be left behind in this race. There are beautiful diamond rings, bracelets and studs for you.

When it comes to diamond replica jewelry or real diamond jewelry, Jaipur Jewelers are the leaders in the field.

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Amit writes about “Diamond Replica Jewelry – Affordable Jewelry.” Collect more information at

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