The Essence Of The Human Heart


Learning to love yourself, unconditionally, is a life long journey. It is a process whereby we slowly awaken to the deepening of our own self love. The more we deny ourselves this wonderful gift of self love, the more pain we feel.

When we choose to live a life from fear and the trappings of the ego mind we are denying ourselves love. When we have the courage to express and live our Heart’s deepest longing, we experience unconditional self love.

The joy that is felt from expressing the longings of our Heart is profound. It truly feels like a return home after a long, lonely journey.

I want to share a story with you that was told to me by a dear friend and spiritual cardiologist. It is a story about the Human Heart.

The human Heart is surrounded by the coronary arteries. The word coronary means crown. Therefore, the Heart is surrounded by a crown.

The function of the coronary arteries is to pump biochemical nutrition – blood, to the body. During gestation, the Human Heart is the first to register any signs of life. Something very unique happens during this early stage…

The Human Heart begins to register a pulse… it begins to beat. The VERY FIRST BEAT of the Human Heart is quite significant.

As the Heart pulsates its first beat, the blood that is pumped out of the Heart returns to the heart via the coronary artery. It does not go to the rest of the body for nourishment… it returns to itself first.

Why is this so significant you may be wondering? It is significant because the very nature of the Human Heart is to nourish itself first… in order to be able to nourish the rest of the body adequately.

The Human Heart gives itself life first!

Think of the significance of this. When we nourish ourselves with our own self love first, we have that much more to nourish others with. When we withhold our own self love from ourselves, we miss out on the richest expression of all… the expression of love.

One of the ways we block our own unconditional love is by the shields or guards we have placed around our Heart
caused by a lifetime of hurts and pain. We experience pain through various forms of rejection, abandonment, and
messages of unworthiness.

This pain builds upon itself over the years, and begins to form a tightly held shield around our Heart. As the Heart
tightens in an attempt to protect itself from further pain, we cut off our ability to feel Love.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others is to gently release these feelings of pain and hurt. As you
do so, your Heart begins to soften and expand and you are able to feel more Love in your Heart.

It’s a great feeling… and an open Heart brings an inner peace that is profound. You deserve to feel the Love and inner peace within your Heart.

Stay tuned for our special announcement to learn how you can melt away any guards around your Heart so you can open your Heart to love and abundance.

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