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5 Reasons to Wear High Heels​

Every woman needs a pair of high heels, even if she favors sneakers or flats more. There are a number of reasons why women enjoy wearing heels. Some women feel more confident when wearing heels, or like the attention it gets them. Others enjoy how heels flatter their bodies by making them appear more slender. There are many different styles of heels that woman can choose from. These include pumps, stilettos, and wedges. This guide offers five reasons why every woman should have at least one pair of good heels in her closet. There are also tips on how to wear heels, and how to find high heels on eBay.
1. High Heels Add Height

It may seem obvious that a pair of heels will add height on to the wearer, but it is the number one reason why women around the world wear high heels. Women may want to add height in a number of different situations. They may want to match their height to a taller date. Petite women especially use high heels to overcome their natural stature. If a petite woman want to feel taller and more confident, all she has to do is throw on a pair of heels and she’ll be instantly more statuesque. Since heels vary in height even a woman who is already tall can benefit from heels, even if they are a bit shorter.
2. High Heels Draw Attention

A woman wearing heels definitely draws attention. Men love a woman in heels, and a great pair of heels can also draw compliments from other women. Stylish heels like high stilettos tend to draw the most attention, so stilettos may be the perfect choice if a woman is looking to turn heads. Heels with stunning accents will also draw more attention than plain heels, and exotic heels are an excellent way for a woman to add a focal point to an outfit.
3. High Heels Enhance Confidence

Wearing high heels can make a woman feel more confident. This is due to a number of reasons. For one, high heels enhance almost any outfit. Additionally, high heels can make a woman look more assertive, which in turn makes her feel more confident. As mentioned above, heels draw favorable attention to a woman, her outfit, and personal style. This makes her feel even better about how she looks.
4. High Heels Accentuate Legs

One of the benefits of high heels is that they make a woman’s legs look amazing. Wearing high heels changes one’s posture and can make a woman’s legs look longer and leaner. Not only do wearing high heels give the look of long and sexy legs, but they can also tone a woman’s leg muscles. Additionally, they improve the entire look of a woman’s body by improving how she carries herself when she stands and walks.

5. High Heels Make One Look Thinner

A notable reason why women like high heels is that they make the wearer appear thinner. This is true with almost any type of outfit, including skinny pants. High heels make one look thinner in part because they force a woman to stand taller. In addition to making one appear thinner, they also tone one’s leg muscles.

Tips for Choosing and Wearing High Heels

High heels can make an outfit appear stunning, but a woman has to know how to choose the right pair of heels to complement an outfit. She also needs to know how to walk in a pair with confidence.

Types of High Heels

With a little bit of homework, a woman can find the perfect pair of heels for any occasion. There are various types of high heels from which a woman can choose. Some of the various styles include pumps, stilettos, kitten heels, and wedges. Certain styles of heels are better suited to specific occasions, so it is important that a woman has the right heels in her wardrobe to match specific outfits.

Type Description
Pumps Pumps are a classic style of heel with closed toes. This type of heel tends to look very professional, so it is often worn at the office. The heel lengths on pumps vary greatly in height, so a buyer can easily find one that suits the look she is trying to achieve.
Stilettos Stilettos are a sexier type of heels. These heels are at least two inches tall, but many are four inches or more. Stilettos are the ultimate high heels, but they may not be suitable for all settings, such as wearing them in a conservative office environment.
Wedges Wedges refer to the style of the heel which looks like a wedge. These are a comfortable choice when a woman has to wear heels for extended periods of time. Wedges come in a variety of heights and styles. Although they are commonly worn during the summer, there are styles of wedges appropriate for other seasons. A woman can even purchase wedge boots.
Kitten Heels Kitten heels are a very short heel that is a popular choice. This is a useful type of shoe because it is short enough to walk in easily and is more casual than some other types of heels. Kitten heels look lovely with summer dresses, but they look just as good when worn to run errands.

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