Creating What You Want in Your Life


Why does it seems so hard sometimes

Do you ever feel like you’ve tried just about
everything to create something in your life yet,
for some unknown reason, it keeps eluding you

You know what I mean… the times when you try
and try and even struggle to get what you want and
still come up short…

And then… many of us just end of giving up out
of pure exhaustion and frustration.

Well, the truth is that just at that point of exhaustion
and frustration you’re closer to manifesting than you think.

How could this be so…

Because the reason anything in our lives is difficult
to manifest or create is because we have an unconscious
block that prevents us from manifesting that desire.

Our feelings of frustration are trying to help us… tell us
that something is going on deep within. Something that
needs our attention, love and acceptance.

Have you heard of the “Law of Attraction”? Well its real.
These unconscious blocks act like a magnet or what is
called an “attractor field” and they keep attracting the same
old same old to us until they are cleared.

Lets listen in on a conversation one of my clients had with
me just last week:

…”Susan, this is amazing. I’ve been struggling to grow my
business for almost a year. I’ve tried many different ways
and read no fewer than a dozen or more books on the
“how to’s” and I keep having to struggle with this issue.

Until, I began to embrace the underlying reason or cause
for my business not growing. It’s like peeling the layers
of an onion, I finally got to the core issue and for me it is
“feeling deserving”. I know this began for me in my early
childhood when my mom got sick and I felt like it was my

Your work has helped me to identify my limiting belief of

“I don’t deserve” and to clear it. I am amazed at the results
this has made in my life and in my business. I manifested
6 new clients just this week, when in the past that would have
taken me months. And I feel lighter. I had no idea I was
attracting experiences that were reinforcing my unconscious
belief that I “did not deserve to be successful” in my own business.
Yet I can now see how this limiting belief has woven its way
through much of my life and experiences.”
Claire Johnson –

Until we become aware of our unconscious beliefs and
thoughts, we will continue to create the same struggles
and challenges in our lives. This is especially true
with health issues.

We don’t realize it, but the beliefs and thoughts that
lie in the subconscious were created as far back as
our early childhood. In fact, by age 7 a child either believes
the world is safe or not safe, and that he or she is lovable
or not lovable.

And those beliefs play themselves out in our everyday lives.
Just like a magnet, attracting to us the like vibration and
reinforcing the limiting belief.

So what can you do about it…

Find a way that’s comfortable for you to journey within
and get to know those unconscious attractor fields and
clear them.

Hint: The best way to work with the unconscious is to
speak it’s language. That language is through the energy
field with powerful therapies such as Energy Medicine,
Spiritual Psychology, Mind-Heart Integration, Guided
Imagery and Meditation.

You will be amazed at how quickly you can shift the
energy and the attractor field when you speak the
right language.

If something within you feels a calling to journey with
your own subconscious and gently come to understand
your own blocks to success then I have something that
I know will help you.

What can You do about it…

Schedule a personal session with Susan
where she will take you through the powerful
Essence Method and teach you powerful
techniques for clearing subconscious blocks
for good.

At the end of your one-hour session, you will feel a
profound sense of inspiration, self-confidence, trust
and lasting inner peace. You’ll feel a deep connection
to yourself and to your life’s purpose and you will be
moved to begin living it. You will travel lighter through
your life and your attractor field will be a high vibration.

Don’t let another day go by feeling anything less than
passionately radiant, vibrant and joyful.

Visit this link to learn how you can experience the
powerful Essence Method and realize your most
treasured Heart’s goals and dreams.

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