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Benefits – Pray (New Moon)

Inspired by Farmers’ Almanacs

When I began writing this blog, I decided to call it an almanac instead of a referring to it as a diary or journal. The term almanac seemed to me more appropriate for what I wanted to say. The Farmers’ Almanacs are a source of folk wisdom that has been published in the U.S. continually for about two centuries. Many people, over the years, strongly believed in and have been helped by following the recommendations of farmers’ almanacs. So, that was part of my inspiration. While I never imagined that what I had to say would become widely popular, I hoped that the pages of my blog would reflect traditional wisdom and be helpful to a small group of people including, of course, my family and friends.
There is a lot to be learned in the Farmers’ Almanacs. One of the main points in these publications is detailed weather prediction that is printed for at least a year in advance. The sun and planetary movements, as well as phases of the moon guide these predictions. The almanacs also tell people the dates when to plant crops and when to harvest, as well as the best timing for starting up many other human activities. (See note below.)

The new moon offers opportunities

The lunar month is one of the most important aspects of our planet because it represents a regular cycle of greater and lesser gravitational attraction between the earth and the moon. The lunar cycle is 29.3 days long, and the lunar calendar has thirteen “moonths”, plus one extra day to harmonize with the 365-day solar calendar.  Besides having a daily rythym of high and low tides, the lunar cycles also affect the tides. We have highest tides on new moon and full moon days and lowest tides when the moon is in the 1st quarter and last quarter.
According to the farmers’ almanacs, the new moon offers opportunities for making changes and initiating new projects. The new moon is a time for promoting all forms of growth, including planting crops, business opportunities, relationships, as well as creative and spiritual endeavors.
We become more attuned with our own aims and possibilities, when we are aware of the geo-magnetic and psychic energy available to us in different moments according to the lunar cycle. For the same reason, many spiritual traditions, including that of Native Americans, yogis and others, have special practices during the new moon. Their traditions point to these days as very favorable times to carry out certain spiritual rituals and other intentions.

Fasting and the new moon

Short periods of not eating offer a way of cleansing the body and preparing the mind for greater focus. When you fast, your body takes a rest and healing occurs. A lot of people who regularly fast say that their days of fasting help them see things more clearly and with a new perspective.

The Christian tradition also calls for fasting, and is rooted in the words of Jesus: “All things will be possible for you. That kind of spirit comes out only if you use prayer and fasting.” (Matthew:17:20-21)
Fasting gives you an opportunity to live your day in a different way – with greater reflection — a time for peace of body and spirit, and a closer connection to your Creator. Your fast will be even more pleasant if you spend at least part of your day outdoors, walking in nature, creating art, writing in your personal journal, listening to inspiring music, or doing devotional reading.

When you fast during the new moon, you receive important benefits. Fasting on that day greatly increases your energy and boosts your health. Yogis don’t do their regular yoga practice during the new moon, but instead maintain a fast and use the day for quiet walks, meditation, and prayer. This is a wonderful way they have of connecting with the Divine.

So, my recommendation to you is to try new moon fasting and feel its benefits for yourself. This fast is usually for 24 hours. Start your fast in the morning and end it with a light breakfast on the following morning. If you’re new to fasting, try to plan as calm a day as possible. Be sure to allow yourself some quiet time or a leisurely nap in the afternoon — if you can manage it.
You may fast in different ways. The usual ways are by drinking water with lemon juice or drinking vegetable and fruit juices, diluted with about 50% water. You may drink as much as you like. The important thing is to not chew anything during the day and don’t drink any coffee or black tea. If — and only if — there is a lot of hunger in the late afternoon or evening, you can drink a fruit smoothie with a little yogurt.

Note: You can see the date of the new moon in the coming “month” and other info from Farmers’ Almanac in Grandmas’ Almanac Calendar.

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Source:  Inspired by Farmers’ Almanacs